Did you know . . .
. . . Self development can be accelerated using the techniques of hypnosis and hypnotherapy?

Whether you are suffering from anxiety, insecurity or fears, struggling with weight loss, habit control or addiction, needing more self confidence or a more positive self image, hypnosis and hypnotherapy can achieve effective positive change.

Many of our behaviour patterns, beliefs and self images arise out of our past experiences. We learned from our parents, siblings, friends, teachers and the media. What we learned was often limiting and negating and so we developed attitudes and beliefs about ourselves that are contrary to who we really are and could be.

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David McLaughlin
B.A. Honours Psychology
M.A. Social Psychology.

Certified Hypnotherapist
Registered Hypnotherapist.


#228 - 1175 Cook St.
Victoria, B.C. Canada
V8V 4A1

Services also available in Sooke, B.C.

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